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2022 Château La Rabotine Sancerre Blanc

Feb 2024 Selection

The 2022 Château La Rabotine Sancerre Blanc is pale yellow, smells of white flowers and citrus, tastes fresh and minerally with a smooth, clean finish.

2022 Château La Rabotine Sancerre Blanc

Château la Rabotine is located in the Loire valley and is the property of Alban Roblin, the youngest grandson of Sancerre vigneron Georges Roblin and cousin of Matthias and Émile Roblin of Enclos de Maimbray. Alban and his wife assumed control of the property in 2010.

The terrain of Rabotine consists of rocks and stones, exposed gentle hillsides, and old-vines (well over 40 years). The region is singular due to its higher altitude (about 280m or 920 feet) and the wind that funnels though the valley deflecting problematic rot and disease. This unusual setting allows Alban to farm biodynamically without sacrificing the fitness of the fruit. For Alban, each vintage dictates how the wine will be made…how much time on the lees, if stems are included in the process, etc.

In 2022 nature cooperated with Alban and he has made what he calls his most attractive and savory Sancerre Blanc. This 100% Sauvignon Blanc wine has grapes sourced from four vineyards. The finest Sancerres come from vineyards composed of two different kinds of soil: Terres Blanches (Kimmeridgian limestone clay) and Caillotes (Portlandian limestone). Alban’s four vineyards are evenly split between the two types of soils. His vineyards also boast excellent hillside drainage and ideal sun exposure. The vineyards are farmed with the idea of minimal intervention, always ensuring that the soils maintain a healthy biological life.

The 2022 Château La Rabotine Sancerre Blanc was fermented with the native yeast that came on the fruit from the vineyards. Cold settling of the juice and vinification in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks was followed by five months on the fine lees with occasional stirring. The last bit of the fermentation was a partial malolactic fermentation, to soften the wine. The wine was bottled in April and followed by a month of rest before release.

Alban Roblin describes his creation thus, “A pale yellow brilliant color with a nice brightness. The nose reveals aromas of white flowers, boxwood, and citrus fruits. The palate shows a dynamic presence with a fine expression of pit fruits and overtones of a very elegant minerality. An expressive, well-balanced wine.”

Classic pairings with a Sancerre are goat cheese, seafood, green vegetables, and salads.

Enjoy this wine well-chilled.

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