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2021 Domaines Schlumberger “Les Princes Abbés” Pinot Blanc

Jul 2024 Selection

The 2021 Domaines Schlumberger “Les Princes Abbés” Pinot Blanc is light bodied and sprightly, and marked by minerality and nervy lemon pith acidity.

2021 Domaines Schlumberger “Les Princes Abbés” Pinot Blanc

The vineyards of Domaines Schlumberger were originally planted by the Romans and were later controlled by the Prince Abbotts of Murbach, an order of monks who established their seat at the town of Guebwiller in the southern end of Alsace. When the estates of the Abbey were put up for sale after the French Revolution, a local mill owner named Nicolas Schlumberger purchased 20 hectares (about 49.5 acres). One of Nicolas’ great grandsons, Ernest Schlumberger, is credited with enlarging and improving the vineyards. Today the Schlumberger vineyards are the largest in Alsace, and one of the largest blocks of contiguous vineyards in France. The domaine also has the distinction of owning the largest acreage of Alsace grand cru vineyards, and references to the famous blocks of Kessler, Kitterle and Saering date back to ancient Roman times.

(In case you were wondering about it, yes the Schlumberger Oil Field Services Company was also founded in the USA by three of Nicolas’ numerous great-grandsons.)

Schlumberger vineyards are planted at altitudes of 750 to 1,450 feet, as terraced hillside vineyards above Guebwiller. They are so steep that driving tractors can be extremely hazardous. Therefore, the domaine uses draught horses specially bred for balance and unaffected by vertigo.

The vineyards are divided into large parcels, each planted to specific Alsace varieties selected according to microclimate and soil characteristics. In general, the soil is light, sandy and porous, ideal for grapes. The natural dryness contributes to the richness and mineral flavor of the wines.

After harvest, all Domaines Schlumberger wines are fermented and aged in large oak tuns. These large casks have been used in the cellars for decades and are the heart of the Schlumberger cellars.
Domaines Schlumberger named their classic wines “Les Princes Abbés” in homage to the Princes Abbots who, for more than 1,000 years, maintained and made their vineyard of Guebwiller thrive.

Pinot Blanc is a white grape variety most associated with the Alsace region of France. Although its heritage is Burgundian, today it is rarely found there and instead thrives throughout central Europe, namely Germany and Austria, where it is known as Weissburgunder and Alto Adige where it is called Pinot Bianco. Interestingly, Pinot Blanc was born out of a mutation of the pink-skinned Pinot Gris. Pinot Blancs are dry white wines that are approachable, aromatic and pleasantly plush on the palate.

The Domaines Schulumberger “Les Princes Abbés” Pinot Blanc is made from 100% Pinot Blanc. The wine undergoes temperature-controlled fermentation for one to four months and matures on its lees for another 7 months.

The critics at Wine Enthusiast describe the Domaines Schlumberger “Les Princes Abbés” Pinot Blanc thus: “Light bodied and sprightly, this wine is marked by minerality and nervy lemon pith acidity. For a delicate wine, it packs a wallop of palate-cleansing brightness. The long finish offers a softer reprieve of Granny Smith for a sensation that is overall refreshing, bright and ready to whet the palate before a meal.”

This delicious white can be served on its own as an aperitif. It also pairs well with seafood, salads, pasta and chicken.

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