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2020 Villa di Geggiano Toscana Rosso “Bandinello”

May 2024 Selection

The 2020 Villa di Geggiano Toscana Rosso “Bandinello” is a hearty Tuscan red among the most perfect country wines in Kermit Lynch’s portfolio.

2020 Villa di Geggiano Toscana Rosso “Bandinello”

The 2020 Villa di Geggiano Toscana Rosso “Bandinello” is imported by Kermit Lynch, one of the
world’s most respected importers.

Villa di Geggiano is located in the heart of Tuscany and run by two brothers, Andrea and Alessandro
Boscu Bianchi Bandinelli. The family boasts a grand villa just outside Siena, a pope in the family, three
last names, and some of the best Chianti Classico on the market today. The estate is a national
monument that has been in their family since 1527. Today the estate covers 20 hectares (about 50
acres), encompassing the formal outdoor theater that is still used in the summer, a tantalizing
vegetable garden, and grounds that include about eight hectares (about 20 acres) of vineyards.
Andrea generally handles the commercial side of the business while Alessandro prefers to stay in the
vineyards and cellar, but both brothers are well versed in every aspect of the operation and make
decisions jointly. Being especially concerned with the environmental aspect of their craft, they have
always worked their vineyards organically, and the estate obtained official certification in 2006.

Geggiano follows the classic tenet that wine resembles its maker: these are distinguished, classy
cuvées that nevertheless show the distinct stamp of the terroir. Their Chianti earns the title of
Classico not just by meeting technical requirements but with its full personality, which shows the
balance of bright fruit, a deep, leathery core, and vibrant acidity that is the region’s signature.

When asked about their approach to winemaking, Alessandro and Andrea Boscu will tell you they
keep it “as simple as possible.” And if you’re familiar with their house style—classic, terroir-driven,
versatile—that philosophy checks out. But simple wouldn’t be possible without raw talent and
impeccable ingredients. It helps that they are passionate about organic viticulture, that they farm
grapes in one of the most celebrated parts of Tuscany, and are privy to a family history of traditional
winemaking that dates back to the 16th century.

“Bandinello,” an ancestor’s namesake, is a hearty Tuscan red that blends young Sangiovese (60%),
Ciliegiolo (20%), and Syrah (20%) from the heart of the Chianti Classico zone. Where fruit from older
vines is reserved for Chianti bottlings that will spend at least two years in the cellar softening around
the edges, the juice for this cuvée is bottled with immediate pleasure in mind after six brief months in
oak casks. It’s a youthful wine that’s vibrant and vigorous and delivers on their modest promise of
simplicity. A decanted bottle reminds you of black fruit, olive, and sage and will pair beautifully with
grilled fennel sausage and white beans. And while this provincial red aims to favor rusticity over
charm, it turns out the two are not mutually exclusive. “Bandinello” is among the most perfect
country wines in Kermit Lynch’s portfolio.

The grapes for this blend are grown in soil consisting of clay and limestone and silt. The vines are 4 to
20 years old. After picking and destemming the grapes, fermentation lasts for 15 days in stainless
steel tanks. The wines age in 500-liter oak barrels for 6 months and then rest in the bottle for another
3 months before release.

This wine pairs well with cured meats, mild young cheeses, and Tuscan salads like a Panzanella.

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