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2020 Frescobaldi Tenuta Castiglioni Chianti

Jan 2024 Selection

The 2020 Frescobaldi Tenuta Castiglioni Chianti is ruby-red in color, smells of strawberry, cherry and raspberry and is vivacious on the palate with a long delicate finish.

2020 Frescobaldi Tenuta Castiglioni Chianti

The Frescobaldi family has been producing wine in Tuscany for the past seven-hundred years. Their
family history boasts several illustrious ancestors in literature, finance, music, and the Roman Catholic
Church. They were purveyors of wine to the Court of England and the Papal Court in Rome. Today
their estates extend throughout Tuscany and their family mission is to cultivate Toscana diversity
through each of their wines reflecting their individual terroir. In 2012 Frescobaldi estates received the
AgriQualità certification, which is awarded for the use of ecologically sustainable farming techniques
compatible with the protection of the natural environment.

Tenuta Castiglioni is the oldest estate in Frescobaldi’s holdings. Situated in the gentle hills of Val di
Pesa, the fresh clay soils of this estate are expressed in soft, pleasantly fruity wines with complex
personalities. The region also enjoys a mild climate with afternoon breezes from the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The wines from this region tend to be food-friendly and approachable.

Chianti is one of the best-known wine regions of Italy. Chianti wines are primarily made of
Sangiovese, with other varieties making up 25% - 30% of the blend. Generally local varieties are used
in the blend but Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah are permitted in the blend as long as the
grapes are grown within the same zone. The Frescobaldi Tenuta Castiglioni Chianti includes a small
amount of Merlot in the wine made primarily of Sangiovese.

In 2020 Tenuta Castiglioni experienced a mild winter, followed by a cool spring and a summer with
just the right amount of rainfall. The grapes—harvested from mid-September onwards—had great
concentrations of fruit and aromatic intensity.

The resulting wine is described by the winemaker thus, “Chianti Castiglioni 2020 is a wine with a
stunning ruby-red color and shades of purple. It has a pleasantly fruity bouquet, with notes that bring
to mind strawberry, marasca cherry, raspberry and fig; the fruit is accompanied by delightful floral
and Mediterranean aromas. The delightful spicy note is also pleasant, with elegant fragrances of
pepper and cloves. It offers a delightful vivacity on the palate. The finale is long, clean-cut and
delicate, with a remarkable taste-olfactory conformity.”

Just like all Chiantis this will pair well with a lot of comfort foods, from pastas in tomato sauces to
pizzas, roast chicken, sautéed vegetables and medium-aged cheeses.

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