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2019 Tikveš Barovo

Jun 2023 Selection

The 2019 Tikveš Barovo is a winter power station of a wine that is enormous, deeply colored in the glass with aromas of sweet heavy spice and is highly textural on the palate.

2019 Tikveš Barovo

Located between Albania and Bulgaria, the Republic of North Macedonia shares its southern border with
Greece and Greece’s wine region of Macedonia.

The three main wine regions of North Macedonia are Pcinya-Osogovo in the east, Pelagoniya-Polog in the
west, and the central region of Povardarie (also called the Vardar River Valley). Povardarie is the most
influential, including almost 90% of the country’s vineyard area, most of which are within this region’s Tikveš

North Macedonia produces full-bodied red wines from Vranec, Stanušina and Ohridsko Crno (the only
genuinely indigenous varieties identified), Kratošija (also known as Zinfandel) and a few international varieties. Žilavka, Župljanka, Temjanika (a variety of Muscat Blanc à Petit Grains), Smederevka, Rkatsiteli and Graševina are the sources of the fresh white wines of the area.

The Tikveš winery, founded in 1885, is the oldest winery in North Macedonia. Tikveš wines are emblematic of Macedonia’s ancient tradition of winemaking, reflecting over 120 years of a culture that celebrates the entire wine experience — from growth, to harvest to fermentation to the most significant part, enjoyment with family and friends. Today the winery uses sustainable practices throughout its operations, including limiting the treatment of the vines, reducing consumption of energy and water, building solar panels for self-sustainable energy and a commitment to recycling waste and turning it into natural fertilizer. Philippe Cambie is an advisor for the property. With Philippe’s assistance the winery has begun using temperature-controlled stainless steel for fermentations and concrete and French oak barrels for aging.

The Tikveš Barovo is a red blend of 65% Kratošija and 35% Vranec. The wine is named after the village of
Barovo located in the foothills of the Baba Mountains. The village is famous for producing wines of freshness and delicate tannins akin to wines from the Piedmont region in Italy.

The grapes grow in volcanic soils at an elevation of 700 meters (about 2,300 feet) above sea level and the
plants are 25-30 years old. The grapes are hand-harvested and cooled before being fermented in concrete vats for about 3 weeks. The wine is then aged for 18 months in French oak barrels before being bottled. It is also aged in the bottle for at least 6 months before being released.

The 2015 vintage of this wine was awarded 97 points in the Decanter Worldwide Wine Awards.

The 2019 vintage was awarded 92 points by Decanter magazine where this wine was described thus: “It’s a
winter warmer alright! In fact, it’s more of a winter power station of a wine. Enormous, deeply colored in the
glass with gusts of sweet heavy spice — everything from cinnamon to vanilla pod, sweet coffee and a dusting of cocoa. Massive fruit blended from local grapes Vranec, this North Macedonian wine is highly textural, imagine a thousand plum skins united in a single caress of your palate. With a history dating back to 1885, Tikveš specialize in sustainably growing local grapes and this wine from volcanic soils is green harvested to maximize intensity with 80% aged in new French oak barrels for 18 months and more than six months bottle aging. A spicy, bold concoction, this high-impact wine is very spicy on the finish, the alcohol is a little marked for me, but it is without doubt an imperious and characterful red that’s a portable fireside of a wine.”

The 2019 Tikveš Barovo can be enjoyed now or cellared for about five years, allowing it to develop further
complexity and depth. It pairs well with a variety of dishes, including grilled meats, roasted vegetables, and
aged cheeses.

We suggest you enjoy this wine on your deck or patio around a fire pit as you watch the June Strawberry
Moon rise or you celebrate the closing of the first day of summer 2023.

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