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2022 Thierry Germaine Saumur Champigny “Cuvée Domaine”

Apr 2024 Selection

The 2022 Thierry Germaine Saumur Champigny “Cuvée Domaine” is a fruit-driven, elegant, silky and delectable Cabernet Franc.

2022 Thierry Germaine Saumur Champigny “Cuvée Domaine”

This Loire Valley wine is imported by Kermit Lynch, one of the world’s most respected importers of wine. Thierry Germaine, who was discovered by Kermit Lynch, relocated to the Loire from Bordeaux in the early 1990s, and soon fell under the influence of his spiritual father, Charly Foucault of Clos Rougeard. This influence drove him to convert his entire domaine to biodynamic viticulture, which was the equivalent of his wine epiphany. Thierry harvests relatively early to preserve fresh, vibrant fruit. His goal is to produce Cabernet Franc with purity, finesse, and drinkability, while avoiding rusticity, vegetal character, and hard tannins. Aging takes place in round foudres (large wooden vats often holding more than 1000 liters of wine) and demi-muids (600-liter oak barrels) in Thierry’s frigid tuffeau (the yellowish, chalky Loire Valley limestone) cellars below his winery in Varrains for 3-4 months. His incredibly diverse terroirs are translated with utter clarity and precision.

Thierry’s domaine, Roches Neuves, whose vineyards are planted in the Saumur (Blanc) and Saumur-Champigny (Rouge) appellations, has rightfully become one of the greatest examples of high achievement in biodynamic vine growing in France. His total dedication to site-specific wines produced from Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc, his “parcellaires,” has produced some of the most exciting wines in the Loire Valley today.

Cabernet Franc, one of the two parents of Cabernet Sauvignon (the other parent being Sauvignon Blanc), is the subtler and more delicate of the Cabernets. Today Cabernet Franc produces outstanding single-varietal wines across the wine-producing world. Some of the greatest Cabernet Francs from France come from the Saumur-Champigny appellation where the wines are more sultry and velvety than their counterparts in Bourgueil and Chinon, primarily due to the soft porous limestone in the soils of the vineyards of Saumur-Champigny.

The Thierry Germaine “Cuvee Domaine” is a very approachable wine. Made from 100% Cabernet Franc, it is fruit-driven, elegant, silky and delectable.

This wine pairs equally well with vegetables, soft cheese and white meat.

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